Golf is considered one of the most important marketing tools to create brand fidelity, business networking and a great opportunity to create cohesion within Corporate offices. A well-organized golf clinic reinforces:

  1. The service and quality levels of your brand with your clients
  2. Can be used as team building.

At RC Golf Academy we have the experience and expertise to custom make the best Golf clinic for your brand.

The key advantages of hosting a golf clinic with RC Golf Academy are:

  1. Distinguish your company from the competition.
  2. Reinforce relationships with existing clients or within your own Company
  3. Thank clients for their value
  4. Generates quality time with your clients or colleagues in an informal setting
  5. To reward, motivate and educate Premier clients with unique Golf experiences
  6. Brand exposure and awareness
  7. Social Media exposure

Clinics can be booked directly with the Pro.